Wesley Tyson

Wesley Tyson

Vital stats

  • Age: 13
  • Problem areas: Attention and Focus, Organization
  • Completed Dore:


Robert Tyson is the father of one of our Mississippi students. His son Wesley enrolled in the Dore Program, and he answered a few questions about their experience:

How did you find out about Dore? What was your initial impression?  

My wife is a nurse at University Medical Center in Jackson, MS and is friends with Amanda Hinkey that knew Mr. Stephens. At first, we were both very skeptical about the effectiveness of the Dore exercises for a child like Wesley diagnosed with both ADHD and Asperger’s, but had reached a point where we were desperate to try anything to help him focus in school. We were very impressed with the overall organization of the program and with the materials and tools provided.

What was the initial assessment like?   

Wesley exhibited great difficulty in following directions and performing tasks correctly. He was very inattentive, had very poor eye tracking, and difficulty sitting still. Overall, Wesley was deemed to be very deficient in all of the key tested areas.

How would you describe the exercises? What strategies do you use to complete these?   

We were very impressed with the simplicity and wide variety of the exercises. It was interesting to see how difficult some of the exercises have been by using the simple objects provided. We have tried to provide constant positive feedback to Wesley when struggling with some of the exercises and have continued to assure him of the benefits of the program. 

What changes, if any, have you noticed since starting the Dore Program?   

Wesley’s ability to focus in and remain focused on daily tasks and school work has improved greatly. His ability to correctly follow verbal directions at home and to be able to sit still has also greatly improved since he has been in the Dore Program.

Has Dore been worthwhile for you? 

There is no question that the Dore program has been worthwhile for us. We have seen a tremendous positive change in Wesley and we are very pleased with the strides he has made.

Would you recommend the Dore Program to other families? 

We would highly recommend the Dore Program to any families that have children with these types of challenges. There is no doubt in our minds that the Dore exercises have vastly helped Wesley’s performance in school as well as helping him to become more productive at home.

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