Dore Program

Client comments

These are just a few of the encouraging comments that our Dore clients have made:

My daughter Brianna has struggled with Dyslexia all her academic life. In 5th grade she could not read. We found Dore and within 6 months she was reading - Read more...

Judy, mom

When we began this in February, [my son] Barley was on medication for ADD, and since we started this–in May–before he even took his MCT2 test, we were - Read more...

Renee, mom

I’ve brought my grades up, in pretty much everything!


I wish this could be implemented statewide in every school because it shows a different avenue other than medicine. It’s something for these kids to focus and help - Read more...

Leigh, teacher

It’s been a huge, huge difference in her life, and in ours!

Scott, dad

My grades are a lot better than they were last year!


My brain feels stronger than it used to!


I had the pleasure last night of attending Parents Evening at my son’s school. None of his teachers were aware of the fact that 3 years ago he - Read more...




You helped my husband, in his late 50s, SO much. I have friends who need this program!