Success stories

Over the years, Dore has helped thousands of people, of all ages, all backgrounds, all over the world, to overcome their learning problems and transform their lives, forever.

Dore for all

Dore is for everyone whose future is undermined by symptoms which seem ‘beyond their control’ and impact their quality of life.

This ranges from children aged 7 to the oldest person who has been through the Program, aged 83. Successful Dore participants also include entertainers and sportsmen at the top of their games. From pop stars like Toyah Wilcox and Leo Sayer to Scottish Rugby International Kenny Logan. Now watch Welsh rugby legend Scott Quinnell’s uplifting story of how Dore changed his family’s life immeasurably, after he and his two young children went through the Dore Program.

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Family benefits

Apart from the life-changing personal benefits for those who complete the Program, Dore has plenty to offer the parents, partners, children, and friends of those with learning difficulties. There’s no doubt that Dore Champions, our Program ‘graduates,’ change for the better in so many ways. They’re more confident, optimistic, and positive about life. They generally have more fun and are easier to be with. Suddenly, looking on the bright side and taking on life’s challenges becomes the norm. This can result in a positive effect for family and friends whose lives are also liberated by the transformation.

Reaching the teachers

Improving the ‘ability to learn’ is the main aim of the Dore Program, which means it not only makes life better for the participants, but also those who are charged with teaching them. There’s no greater reward for a teacher than to watch a pupil blossom and grow like never before.

Sporting glory

In recent years, the Dore Program has been adopted and adapted with great success by many professional sportsmen and clubs, which incorporate Dore exercises into their training to help players perform to the peaks of their abilities. To learn more about the Dore Sport Program, visit our Dore Sport website!