St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Partners with Dore!

We are excited about our newest partnership with St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Jackson (and Ridgeland)! Students at both the Lower and Upper School campuses will be eligible to enroll in the Dore Program through our school partnership, and the Dore team will be working alongside St. Andrew’s students and staff to facilitate student Dore activities daily.

Dore team members will be conducting staff developments at each location, as well as holding parent information sessions on the campuses, which will be announced soon!

St. Andrew's

To learn more about the Dore Program or our school partnership program, get in touch with us at 601.326.5550!


More about St. Andrew’s from the Go Saints website:

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is an independent, co-ed, college prep school for students in pre-K through the twelfth grade. Best known for outstanding academics, St. Andrew’s has earned a reputation as “the smart school.”

But at St. Andrew’s, “smart” means more than academic excellence.
Smart is making good decisions on the playing field as well as on the exam. Smart is understanding that it takes as much genius to paint a portrait as it does to solve a calculus problem, and that a song or play can influence the world just as profoundly as groundbreaking scientific research or a new computer program.

At St. Andrew’s, “smart” is doing the honorable thing instead of the easy thing. It’s making lifelong friends from all walks of life. Smart is understanding there’s a world beyond your campus, your city, your state and even your country, and being prepared to help shape it.

It’s this balance that makes our students proud to be known as the smart kids. And it’s the desire for a place that nurtures smarts in every aspect of student life that ultimately leads families here.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Where it’s cool to be smart.

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