Dore Program

Schools and Organizations

Dore is an individualized, exercise-based intervention program designed to target discrepancies and build student abilities! Dore consists of daily, targeted activities that aim to strengthen the cerebellum and, thereby, student achievement and growth in reading and writing, attention and focus, social skills, athletics, and a number of other areas related to learning and development.

Our partner schools report that Dore has positively impacted their schools in the following ways:

  • Students testing out of Special Education
  • Speech/Language students gaining confidence and speaking abilities
  • Decreases in incidences reported to school disciplinary offices
  • Increased classroom participation among student participants
  • Reduced risk factors identified on Dyslexia screening tests
  • Improvements in confidence and self-esteem

These are just some of the exciting possibilities to bring a better future to your school or district. A number of schools (and organizations) in Mississippi have already become Dore Partners, and yours can, as well! Please reach out to us to receive a complimentary proposal for how Dore may be an effective solution for your academic institution.

The following is a list of our partnerships:

To learn how schools and their students are benefiting from these exciting partnerships or to connect us with your school, please contact the Dore team at 601.326.5550.