Allow the Dore Program to open up a whole new chapter in your life! Here, you will learn how our Program can be the important breakthrough that will help you overcome your learning difficulties, once and for all.

As you’ll discover, the Dore method is a drug-free, proven Program of practical activities you will do at home. Over the years, it has helped thousands of people, across the world, liberate their true potentials and transform their lives in an accessible way.

To find out how and why Dore opens doors, watch this short animation:

School Partnerships

Dore also partners with Schools to bring our learning program into the learning environment. Students, teachers, families, and schools are benefiting from the Dore Partner School Program in schools across the state, as well as our Site Licenses, which school districts may purchase for their students. Watch the video below or click on the schools tab to learn more about how Dore works in schools!

Watch as students benefit from this exciting partnership!