Recognize these symptoms?

You daydream…you’re moody…you’re clumsy… things seem to take you longer than expected…you have difficulty riding a bike…you find it difficult expressing your emotions…you live in a world of your own. These are just some of the many symptoms we encounter everyday in children and adults who come to Dore. At whatever age, they all share a difficulty in performing many everyday tasks. Not to mention a general lack of confidence and self-belief.

In one way or another, the people we help all seem to struggle with reading and writing, concentration, coordination, social skills, or a combination of them all. You may know, these symptoms are associated with the conditions ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Asperger’s Syndrome, but, at Dore, we don’t use labels, because in most cases, many of the symptoms overlap. Instead, we let the individual’s difficulties determine the solution, as we tailor our exercises to suit each and every individual on our Program.


Before we explain many of the signs we associate with learning difficulties, one common thing they all share is low self-esteem. The reason is simple – although the people who come to us have huge potential and often above-average intelligence, they find it difficult to demonstrate their true abilities.

Understandably, through social pressures, they often become withdrawn, recessive, and are made to feel ‘different,’ which, as they grow older, can manifest into all kinds of problems. Apart from enabling people to learn to overcome their difficulties and fulfill their ambitions, Dore’s mission is to increase people’s confidence and improve their feelings of inadequacy. Self-belief is a powerful tool in transforming your future. So, as your skills grow on the Dore Program, we know from experience that you’ll start to feel better about yourself. With new-found confidence, you’ll want to try new things, join in more, and simply get on with life!

Reading, writing, and spelling

The expectation that reading, writing, and spelling should be something everyone can master has only been with us for a century or so. Historically, 90% of people were perfectly happy to live without literacy. So our brains have never really developed a neurological system that allows us to acquire reading skills that easily.

Fortunately, most of us manage to adapt and are able to learn how to read and write. However around 10% of us aren’t so lucky. If you’re one of them, you know what it’s like…you guess at words…letters blur or move around on the page… you swap letters around…you track each word with your finger…you write as little as possible. You do anything to avoid embarrassing situations that involve opening a book or putting pen to paper.

The good news is that the Dore Program, through exercise, should certainly improve your brain’s literacy skills, which will start to make everything else in your life that much easier – from being more self-assured to achieving more at work or school.


Poor concentration affects all kinds of people. The symptoms are hard to ignore – rather than focusing on the matter at hand, you regularly daydream and drift away to escape from whatever you’re doing. You’re easily distracted and avoid tasks that require a lot of thought or focus. Instead, you have a ‘grasshopper mind,’ jumping from one thing to another. Often, your memory is unreliable, as is your sense of time and inability to organize yourself properly.

No problem. Dore will help you focus, improve your attention span, and will enable you to achieve so much more. After a little while on our Program, you’ll find that you can stick to tasks for longer without getting distracted. Your tendency to be impulsive or hyperactive will improve, as will your ability to think more clearly and logically.


When you have problems with coordination and balance, some people might accuse you of not having it ‘together.’ You can understand that – you probably aren’t too good at catching, throwing, or kicking a ball; you might not be able to ride a bike or drive a car, and you’re all fingers and thumbs when it comes to performing everyday tasks. You might be clumsy, too, tripping up, often knocking things over or breaking them.

That’s why Dore monitors your physical abilities carefully and gives you exercises that will improve the way you coordinate your movements. Over the course of the Program, you will see a change, not immediately, but gradually, as those irritating ‘little things’ that blight your day no longer spoil your life.

Social and behavioral skills

So, you have difficulty expressing yourself, and you’re also not so good with people in general?

You have trouble understanding body language, and making friends can also be difficult?

That’s why you prefer your own company and you’re more comfortable with the routine…’new’ is not for you.

Don’t worry. The Dore Program can help you become more sociable, enable you to control your emotions, and get along better with others.

Less temper, more of a new life – it’s all out there!