How can Dore help?

Dore understands that symptoms of ADHD are linked to poor cerebellar efficiency and are concerned with reducing or removing these symptoms. Through an individual program of personalized exercise, Dore directly seeks to improve the function of the cerebellum, the brain’s ‘skill center’ and, in doing so, alleviate some of the physical performance aspects of ADHD.

Dore uses specific tests of cerebellar function, as well as the DSM IV behavioral questions, to make assessments on how these symptoms have changed during the Program. We also use specific cognitive tests to see how improving the symptoms of ADHD and poor cerebellar function can affect academic performance.

Dore treatment has been shown to lead to an improvement both in the function of the cerebellum which, in turn, leads to a reduction of ADHD related symptoms. Over the years, in various studies and ongoing research, Dore has had a positive and sometimes dramatic impact on the lives of those ADHD assessed children and adults who have successfully completed our Program.