Learning difficulties

What are learning difficulties?

‘Learning difficulties’ is a general term for a lot of different conditions with varying symptoms and severities. Some have well-recognized names like dyslexia; others are less well-known, like dyspraxiaAsperger syndrome, or ADHD. We know that the underlying symptoms of these conditions, many of which overlap, are often inter-related and are usually present from birth.

That’s why at Dore, we choose not to focus on the many labels that exist, but instead to concentrate on each person and treat his or her individual difficulties with a highly personalized exercise Program.

The cause of learning difficulties

We now know that a common factor in many of these conditions is a part of the brain called the cerebellum, which links to nearly all the major centers of the brain.

The cerebellum is key to the learning process, making skills to become automatic through practice. But if the cerebellum is not working efficiently, then it is very likely you will struggle with one or more of the following – poor reading and writing, concentration, co-ordination, or social skills.

The Dore Program gets directly to the root cause of your learning difficulties, by stimulating the cerebellum to work more effectively and address the symptoms.

Client Success Stories: