Letter from a Dore Mom

Melody Norris

Vital stats

  • Age: 10
  • Problem areas: Reading, attention, focus, social skills
  • Completed Dore:


Letter from a Dore mom!


Dear Prospective Dore Family,

Welcome to a program that can give your family hope and change your future.  I am writing to you on day 125 of our Dore Program.

My son DJ was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4.  Each day was a struggle for DJ, not fitting in, always the target of the bullying, hard to know his place and keep up in reading group, hard to finish class work. We changed schools, and the problems moved with us. Today DJ is 9 years old and in the 4th grade at Puckett Attendance Center.

This was DJ’s 1st day of school: Inside DJ’s homework folder was a piece of art paper.  The homework folder included a preprinted week recap of areas to be covered during the week but no notes added to tell me what to do with the art paper.  My 1st thought was here we go again, 1st day and we can’t complete the homework, but I calmed down. I asked DJ to sit down with me and asked if we were to draw something for homework, and DJ said that he needed to draw a kooky hat. I asked him to tell me more about it, and he said that he read a story about Ivan and his hat and that Ivan needed a hat for the upcoming festival, and he was trying to decide what kind of hat to make.  I went to the internet and this is what I found:

Hat For Ivan by Max Lucado


When DJ saw the picture of the book he got very excited and said that was the book that he read.  DJ asked if I could help him draw a hat with trains going down and around a mountain.  We drew the hat, and DJ was very proud.

I am sure that others will look at the drawing and think, “What in the world is this?” But I am so proud, and I made sure that he knew how proud I was.  DJ was able to recall the information and give it back to me.  Also, DJ had been thinking about what he wanted the hat to look like and was able to tell me about it.

We are 2 weeks into the school year and not a single call from school, not a single e-mail or note, not a single problem.  In prior years I have always been on pins and needles, waiting each day for the phone calls, and now I know that we are making progress.  DJ tells me school is different now.  DJ looks forward to going to school each day and is excited about the events at school.  In the past, these events would have been a blur with little to no participation on DJ’s part. I’m proud!

Join me, and let’s paint this world Dore orange with a capital D and shout out 10 minutes twice a day. This is for a lifetime!


Melody Marks Norris

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