For our unique and enlightening Program to be recognized worldwide as a highly effective, drug-free treatment for those with learning difficulties. We want to enable and inspire people to overcome their learning problems, forever.


Our values form the basis of how we behave and give you a feel for the type of commitment and service you can expect from Dore. We chose them as we believe they make sense of everything we do. It’s our aim to make sure they run throughout Dore and are experienced by every participant of the Program, in every country.

They are:

Visionary – we lead by example, constantly evolving ways to improve the abilities and lives of those we help.

Practical– we are clear and realistic in all that we do to create better communication and understanding of our Program.

Success– we celebrate and thrive on the personal achievements of both colleagues and participants empowering them to perform better in every way.

Positive– we believe that being positive achieves so much more, allowing individuals to open doors, push boundaries and break down barriers.

Supportive– we nurture personal growth and development, building communities, confidence and motivating people to control their own situation and lives.