Conner Allen


Vital stats

  • Age: 15
  • Problem areas: Social Skills
  • Completed Dore:


Social Skills Improved

Conner Allen is a Mississippi student with Asperger syndrome. His mother Sherri recently answered these questions about their experience with the Dore Program:


How did you hear about the Dore Program?  

I had really been praying about what to do for Conner. I knew that he needed help, but just was not getting what he needed. He had major deficits, but I couldn’t put my finger on what they were exactly. I just knew that we STRUGGLED with school and social issues, and that there had to be a solution. I was not going to be satisfied until I found it. We had gone to see Temple Grandin in Vicksburg, MS, and Neal (from Dore Jackson) was there. We just had the worst week ever at school that week. I was ready to throw in the towel.  Then, after I prayed one night, I saw the ad in the paper and really feel it was a divine intervention! No doubt.


What were your goals for Conner? And what other ways have you addressed Conner’s needs in the past?

I just want him to be happy, and I could see that he was not. I want him to make and maintain good relationships with family members and friends. I want him to have a good rapport with teachers and adults that he comes into contact with. I want him to be able to meet and exceed all of the goals that he has for himself. I do not want school to be such a struggle every day. We had tried medication before, but it made him so ill and sick, we had to stop them.
How have you found the exercises? Do you have any strategies you use to motivate Conner to stick with the program?

The exercises are a good mixture of easy and difficult exercises. The first day that he gets a new exercise, it is very difficult for him, but he quickly adapts, and it becomes easier. The brain retrains itself on what it has been missing, I believe!  It is so interesting to see how the exercises make the brain and body work together with focusing and balance exercises. He has been on the program for 6 months, and he doesn’t come in and ask to get them done, but he knows that it helps him. Some nights it is a challenge to get them done, but it is worth it!


What were the first differences you noticed in Conner?

He seemed happier and more animated. He started to join in on discussions and conversations. He started to try new things that he had never been interested in before. He started taking karate and is now a green belt! He interacts with cousins and friends when they are over.  He started to recall information better. School has become less of a challenge, and his grades are remarkably improved.
What changes have you noticed at school? At home? Elsewhere?

He seems less agitated and less stressed in social situations or in large groups. The grades from the 1st 9 weeks to the 2nd 9 weeks are much improved. He interacts with immediate family members very well now and jokes around and picks on the little brother in fun a lot now!  I see a slow but steady improvement and am very pleased with the progress.


Would you recommend the Dore Program to another interested family?

Absolutely! I have already done so, and will continue! I wish that every child who struggles with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, or sensory disorders would have the chance to use the Dore program.

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