Ben’s Story

Mother and Son

Vital stats

  • Age: 9
  • Problem areas: Social Skills, Attention, Hyperactivity, Handwriting
  • Completed Dore:


Kathy, the mother of one of our Mississippi clients with Asperger Syndrome, recently answered a few questions about her son Ben’s experience with the Dore Program so far:


What led you to the Dore Program?

My son Ben has been attending Kamp Kaleidoscope for the past 3 years.  This past summer Dr. Mark Yeager mentioned that he believed Ben would be a strong candidate to particpate in the Dore program. So, I was really excited for Ben to have the opportunity and to see what strides he could make by participating.


What were your expectations getting started?

I really did not know what to expect.  I just saw this as another opportunity to help Ben develop and become the best he can be.  Just like any other parent, I want to help Ben have a happy and fulfilling life.


How have you found the exercises? And what are some strategies you use to remain compliant?

The exercises have definitely helped Ben with balance, attention span, handwriting and overall confidence in his abilities.  I reward him with a sticker system and when we finish a week with each day having stickers, then he picks some favorite activity he would like to do.  It might be going to a movie, eating at Popeyes, or going to the cookie store at the mall.


Which were the first changes you noticed?

The first changes were connected to Ben’s handwriting and also his balance.  Then came the ability to have much better eye contact.


Would you recommend Dore to another interested family?

I would most certainly recommend the program to families with children who find themselves living with Aspergers.  Ben is experiencing such positive feedback at school, at church and in other social settings.  I believe that Dore is a large part of that positive reinforcement for both Ben and for me.

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